Reviews from our clients.

They say it best. Our clients’ testimonials mean everything because their businesses and brands matter to us in a deeply personal way. We’ve all been in the trenches together. Here’s what they have to say.

"JNS are true professionals and great partners for our organization. They are genuine and authentic. JNS is committed to finding the right solutions for our organization, even if it means a loss of business for their company. I would highly recommend JNS Next. All of their recommendations have produced very successful results and our team truly enjoys working with their team!"

scott white
President & CEO of the Greater Palm Springs CVB

"The Palm Springs, California Bureau of Tourism has worked with JNS Next for over five years. In that time, they have helped us to greatly expand our reach by learning of new opportunities and educating us as to what those opportunities are. They provide monthly and quarterly results that we are able to combine with our own analytics to measure our programs and progress. They have provided much added value in many ways that has allowed us to pass that value on to our own business partners."

Mary Jo Ginther
Director at Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

"JNS are dedicated advertising professionals that work hard (and around the clock) to accomplish their clients marketing initiatives and goals. Many companies within the tourism industry in Palm Springs utilize their advertising and marketing expertise because they are well-versed in the market and have developed relationships in the media industry. JNS’ extensive experience in tourism and marketing, both in Palm Springs and other markets, makes them a reliable resource for media placement in the area. I have enjoyed the projects I’ve had the opportunity to partner on with JNS. The combination of their professionalism and relaxed approach makes for advertising professionals that garner results for their clients."

Jennifer Sotelo
Seasoned Sales Expert at Los Angeles Magazine, Business Blogger, Luxury Branding, Interactive & Web Media, Print Media, Event Sponsorships

"Working with JNS Next has been such a great investment.  I own a small real estate business in the Coachella Valley with the goal of expanding my company to the next level. Within the first two months of working with the JNS Next team, I have already seen results in our new marketing efforts.  I have received several out of the area requests for additional information and was able to turn one of the leads into a new buyer client.  From the different marketing avenues that we have chosen for my listings, I have received several out of the area requests from agents for private showings. 

JNS Next has not only worked tediously and diligently within my budget to help me get to my goals, but they have allowed me to focus on working hands on with clients to close deals, while they focus on what they do best; marketing my product in the best and most efficient way possible. Ultimately, seeing quick results from the marketing strategy that JNS Next suggested has assured me that choosing them was the right decision for my business."

Tricia Eppelheimer
owner of Regency Residential
Residential, Commercial, and Land Specialists
$250,000- $3M

"JNS are personable and understands the Western US/Canadian markets, they are terrific creative marketers and knows how to meet a deadline. Its a pleasure to have them as a business partner and clients and would encourage any business to consider JNS Next as their media strategists."

Sheryl English Roberts
Western Sales and Marketing Manager for Flavors Magazine

"I’ve successfully worked with JNS as a media rep for years. In 2011, I hired them via my client, Miles Media, for media analysis and placement. The project was an international print campaign for one of my country’s top tourism destinations. JNS provided excellent service, great rates, and I would highly recommend them."

Gregg Gant
Senior Trade Manager for North America at Tourism New Zealand

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