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August 13, 2015
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Greater Palm Springs CVB

case study: Greater Palm Springs CVB


Palm Spring’s beauty and luxury is only matched by its proximity and convenience to several major metro areas. Part of the Greater Palm Springs CVB’s mission is to grow visitor awareness in a way that directly positively impacts room occupancy and flight demand.


Implement a campaign which, to date, has spanned over eight years, based on a plan that featured television, digital, out-of-home and print initiatives. Strategic overarching placements were made in all direct flight markets, including in-flight, designed to capture the attention of frequent regional flyers. Further, our plan targeted the drive markets, devising the saturation that would consistently and reliably move the Palm Springs area to top of mind for tourism.


The Greater Palm Springs CVB invested heavily in advertising dollars, spending an average of $54 for every tourist dollar spent, resulting in a remarkable ROI. The media plan we devised for our client earned the Greater Palm Springs CVB an astonishing $301 for every tourist dollar the CVB invested. This has enabled the CVB to steadily and profoundly build its brand while securing its place as a preferred tourist destination, and a place that truly has something for everyone.

The CVB has enjoyed an increase in hotel occupancy, driving demand throughout the entire year to reconcile and overcome in a robust way the area’s traditional seasonal slump. In fact, Smari Research has also shown a noticeable increase in awareness for Palm Springs within large direct flight markets and drive markets. Unique emerging market awareness for origination cities such as Las Vegas and Boston is also at an all-time high.

1.32million internet clicks with 165,089,264 impressions
301dollars for every $1 spent on advertising

Other prominent achievements:
Internet Clicks: 400,440, Impressions: 77,139,723; Print Impressions: 65,789,468.

Internet Clicks: 404,991,Impressions: 73,444,230; Print Impressions: 146,698,881.

Internet Clicks 2012-2013: 646,184, Impressions:109,966,424, Print Impressions: 114,430,030.

Internet Clicks: 1,324,571, Impressions: 165,089,264, Print Impressions: 351,772,266.

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