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Desert Oasis Healthcare

case study: Desert Oasis Healthcare


Affordable and centrally located, Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) has always strived to simplify medicine, with a large group of specialists and programs serving the Coachella Valley for more than three decades. Recent changes in healthcare law provided an opportunity for a widespread market-grab working with the right media partners.


To build a highly strategic awareness campaign that directly increased Open Enrollment in the winter/fall, thereby providing additional funding for all DOHC programs. As a secondary outcome, DOHC wanted to drive traffic to its classes and events.

JNS Next began by driving a very pointed call to action within all creative, ensuring clarity and direction of the messaging. Then, our team targeted both English and Spanish audiences of 65+ through local and regional TV shows that had the highest demographic viewership. Niche print publications were carefully selected for the most ubiquitous reach via print. We also thoroughly analyzed radio stations, programs and time periods to best leverage the client’s messaging. We designed all strategies to funnel customer response leading up to, and continuing through, the Open Enrollment period.


The campaign succeeded principally by elevating Desert Oasis Healthcare’s brand in both the Spanish and English speaking 65+ community, due to well-rounded and strategic placement. Consequently, DOHC enjoyed a substantial increase during the Open Enrollment period along with dramatic growth in attendance for classes and events.

1.32million internet clicks with 165,089,264 impressions
178dollars for every $1 spent on advertising

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