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What you need. And where.

We provide the complete gamut of services for a successful media program: planning, research, placement (buying), added value, schedule management, post analysis and, better still, holding media partners accountable. Every dollar, every time.
JNS Media Specialists

Media buying: online, on target.

Put the power of this digital medium to work for you. You get real time analytics as well as interaction that engages your consumer. Our work includes search engine paid placements, email marketing, promotions and special content programs.

Advertising helps create desire. Search helps you match it. As part of our online services and search engine marketing, we offer keyword search targeting as well as content and geographic location targeting. We offer all state-of-the-art web analytic software and tracking capabilities.

Research and Relationships: Leave no stone unturned.

With all media, when your coveted dollars are at stake, thorough and accurate research is vital. It’s not a secret that undocumented research claims by companies who don’t substantiate data are a dime a dozen. That said, once you have proven, unbiased research, you must know how to use it to optimize your exposure. This is where we come in again, and factor big. It comes down to relationships and negotiation.

The case for research.

With both quantitative and qualitative research, our software system gives you a targeted, efficient schedule that delivers, enabling you to scrutinize every dollar spent by category. Again, information is king. From historical performance to seasonal habits and psychographic factors and more, we consistently provide documented research from the finest companies available: Scarborough, Qualitap, Tapscan, Print Plus and more.

Leverage of the far-reaching kind.

Our relationships are only with secured media partners who share our commitment to your success; it’s the only way we’ll do business. We spend big media dollars in several markets, so you benefit from our buying power. Know that the lowest rate isn’t always the best. In fact, it could be your worst nightmare when you’re pre-empted. Caveat emptor to the unadvised client. We negotiate a great rate that’s not pre-emptible. What does that mean for you? The world.

Get pushy: Move people in your direction.

The schedule is only half the equation: to push people to your site and through your door, you must negotiate for added value and promotions. This is huge, and helps you get the best deal. Every type of media, every time.